Sunday, 14 November 2010

My foray into 54mm goodness

One thing about practice makes perfect... you need to keep on practicing. I've never really looked into anything large scale before (other than vehicles and robots in my 40k armies) so I set aside that issue and went to see about painting up a 54mm miniature, specifically that of the Covenant figure from the Inquisitor series by Games Workshop.

This figure was mainly done to test my abilities in large scale model, but ultimately too for selling for the shop.

In order to be positive first and foremost, what I liked about it:

1) This is the first model that I have put pupils into the eyes, and its all the better for it. I tend to keep my eyes pupil-less in the 28mm stuff, but that can end up making my humanoid figures look like zombies rolling their eyes back into their heads - with things with solid eyes of course thats not really a problem (thinking tryannids or space marines with helmets)

I'm really proud of the pupils, I managed to get them both looking in the same direction, having a cross-eyed inquisitor could be a bit of a problem.

2) The face - having a bit more space to work with, I managed about 3 layers of highlighting on the face. It doesnt show up well in the pictures, but it looks great in person.

Now though for the things im not too happy about:

1) I primed the miniature using Gesso as I had started doing early in the blog. For plastic miniatures, this has been great, but for white metal figures, I'm not sure if I just didnt leave it to dry for long enough or not, but every single time I picked the figure up, I would end up rubbing off some of the paint. I ended up having to varnish the figure after area had been finished to try and give it some sort of protection from handling. That seemed to work, but there were far too many layers of paint on this by the end of it.

2) My freehand skills are non existant, therefore I didn't bother doing anything on the wide open space of the trenchcoat. On the box for the model, it's got a nicely drawn inquisitor symbol on it, but my figure has been left plain. I honestly dont think it detracts too much from the model though.

3) I didnt highlight the coat, only worked down with varying shades of wash to make an appearance of depth. Again, I don't think the model suffered too much for that, but it's one area I'd maybe consider doing something different in the future.

As per usual, my work in progress shots are shown on my photostream:

Finally, a picture of the completed miniature:

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