Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cypher - The Fallen Angel

This was my first ever fully painted miniture since I returned to painting in late 2009/early 2010.

Cypher was one of those characters from the Dark Angel codex that I always thought was really great in the fluff' but I'm somewhat certain that there was never a figure in production for him, and my skills with the greenstuff are sorely lacking.

When I returned to the hobby, I found that my friend had a couple of these traded in, so I couldn't resist giving it a go.

Now... a bit of self criticism - I think I didnt quite get the hang of thinning out the paints to the right consistency for doing this - some of the areas seem a bit too thick, especially the skeleton on his chest, theres some areas where the bone colour smothered over the chestnut ink shading completely removing the shadow.

On the positive side, I think the cloak shading was quite good - Shading of the Dark Angel robes was always my failure back in the day (they were just solid colour, no shading/highlighting at all) at least now I managed to pick out some of the highlights. They're a bit blocky for my liking, but considering this was the first full miniature I painted for over 5 years, I was quite happy with it.

For some photos of the miniature, see the link to Flickr below:

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