Sunday, 5 December 2010

Starting a Tyranid army

This little project of mine is to satisfy 2 things - 1 - its an army I want to build up from scratch because for some reason I love close combat themed armies in Warhammer 40k, and 2 - its an entry for a painting competition in WAMP which I have recently become a member of.

There are plenty of photos of progress in my Flickr gallery but for my initial post, I'll write something about the colour scheme I have chosen.

I primarily use Vallejo Game Colour paints, along with citadel washes - I much prefer the dropper bottle arrangement for my paints, which gives me a much easier time to get them out on my work area and then from there I can apply my thinner mixture to the paints. For washes I tend to slap them on quite liberally, so I don't mind dispensing those direct from the pot, which is where the citadel ones come in much better than the dropped bottles.

As far as they key areas of the model, the colours I use are as follows:

White spray where possible, otherwise white brush-on (white primer from Vallejo)

Cold Grey base coat
Badab Black Wash
Overbrush Cold Grey
Drybrush Elf Flesh (lightly over certain areas)
Elf flesh painted on to raised spines

Squid Pink
Baal Red Wash

Black basecoat
Ultramarine blue first drybrush
Eectric blue edging/drybrush

Elfic Flesh
Devlan Mud Wash

Escorpina Green
Thrakka Green Wash

If I refine any of the colours to something a bit different as it develops, I'll post about it, otherwise work in progress shots will be posted a bit later.

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