Sunday, 7 November 2010

Back to it... lots of updates to come

OK, in all honesty, I forgot I was starting this blog. I apologise... I'm a bad man (but in a good way, dont let anyone tell you otherwise)

So far I've done a few little projects that I've not wrote about on here. I'll be documenting those, and also my newest little project as well.

The list of up and coming posts are as follows:

1) I painted up a Cypher figure that I had always wanted to do back in the day
2) Im working on several 'house armies' for the shop - the first of these is a Blood Angel army worth about 1500 points.
3) I worked on a 54mm figure, specifically the Inquisitor Covenant figure
4) My newest project is working on a second house army, of 1500 points of Tyranids.

I've also made a new Flickr account to upload all my work in progress shots, if anyone wants to see some of the images before the write up goes with them, feel free to look.

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